DeepHawk Cognitive AgentTM

Uplift your Visual Quality Control Performances with AI

DeepHawk Cognitive Agents deliver visual quality control for manufacturing

DeepHawk goes to production 1000x faster than traditional AI solutions, learns incrementally, adjusts to a new design immediately and detects anomalies in 15ms with exceptional accuracy.

DeepHawk is deployed as an edge software agent, running on compact and cost-effective off-the-shelf hardware. It is compatible with any camera (visual, X-Ray, Infra-Red, microscopic), and detects anomalies for any product (discrete, continuous, bulk and packaged goods).


DeepHawk does not send any information to the cloud, does not require any AI skills to be deployed, and integrates to your enterprise IT systems as a plug-and-play software solution. Being an edge solution, not running huge datesets in the cloud, it improves AI carbon footprint dramatically.