Next Generation AI

Visual Quality Control in Manufacturing


DeepHawk is on a path to re-invent AI and uplift machine learning capabilities, operational performance and frictionless deployment to a brand new level.

Its Visual Quality Control solution for manufacturing reduces drastically ramp-up time and dataset size, positively impacting the business case when introducing new product variants.

DeepHawk’s clients are now able to benefit from a high performance visual quality control with an AI that starts delivering value 1000x times faster than other AI-based solutions.

With an MVP launched in Q3-2021, DeepHawk has already delivered several Proof-of-Concepts with reputable corporations in automotive, electronic assembly and food


DeepHawk is run by a strong team of seasoned entrepreneurs, blending AI and computer vision research and international business background. We are backed up by Inria, one of the top world research centers in AI and computer science and several business and technology partners


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